Dial "M" for Murder

Director - Bob May

Auditions: Monday, July 9  and Tuesday, July 10 at 7:30 PM-9:30 PM

Performance dates: September 7-23, 2018; no conflicts alwwoed.
Rehearsals: July 23-September 6.  Mostly Tuesday through Thursday evenings.  Sunday afternoons.  Can work around conflicts declared at time of auditioning.

Westminster Community Playhouse
7272 Maple Street, Westminster, CA  92683

Bring photo/resume.  Be prepared to cold-read from the script.

The director is seeking to mount a production for the “#MeToo” and “Black Lives Matter” generation, and to cast non-traditionally as regards race, age and gender. All ethnicities encouraged. Preferences noted in parentheses ().

London, 1966, all characters British accents, except Max who is American.

About the play:

Tony married Margot for her money and now plans to murder her for the same reason. To accomplish this, he arranges the perfect murder. He blackmails a scoundrel he used to know to do the dirty deed for a fee. Find out who else get murdered -- you’ll be surprised!


TONY - (MALE, late 20’s, early 30’s) Margot’s husband, former tennis champion, athletic, think John McEnroe; Bjorn Borg, charming, a liar and sociopath, (prefer shorter and younger than Margot), married her for her money and now plans to kill her for the same reason. Resourceful, full of ideas.

MARGOT - (FEMALE, early 30’s-late 20’s) Tony’s wife, has inherited money, sweet, naive, gullible, fashionable, think Mary Quant, married Tony when he was a tennis star/celebrity, now feeling bored and unloved, going through the motions of marriage, seeing former boyfriend/lover Max on the sly. (Seeking African-American, older than Tony.) *

MAX - (MALE, 30’s, same age as Margot) Margot’s former boyfriend and now, secret lover, trying to talk her into marriage. American TV sitcom writer.

LESGATE (Male, same age as Tony) Tony’s accomplice and former schoolmate, petty criminal/thief/embezzler/probable murderer, now being blackmailed by Tony to kill Margot. Scheming, nervous, a bit smarmy. (Prefer 1966 UK motor-cycle-jacket-wearing “Rocker.”) *

HUBBARD (Male or Female, any age) Police Detective, Thorough, methodical, fastidious, proper, eccentric, observant, courteous, can be blunt or compassionate, determined to find the truth. (Seeking Felix Unger-ish, though not-broadly-comedic, type.)

Cast members will double as off-stage telephone and radio voices, and as non-speaking police constables.

*Actors auditioning for MARGOT and LESGATE should be aware in advance of the physical and emotional requirements of the strangulation attack scene which will be performed as violently and explicitly-as a “rape”-as possible- while remaining safe and controlled. No nudity required.

Info: Contact Bob May (714) 788-1745,