The Jury Room

Director - Jim Katapodis

Auditions: Monday, September 10  and Tuesday, September 11 at 7:00 PM.  Call backs Wednesday, September 12-at director's invitation.

Performance dates: November 2-18, 2018; no conflicts allowed.
Rehearsals start: September 17, 2018.

Westminster Community Playhouse
7272 Maple Street, Westminster, CA  92683

Bring photo/resume.  Be prepared to cold-read from the script.

About the play:

Twelve jurors gather to decide the fate of a young girl. Did she stab her uncle in cold blood? Eleven jurors say yes; one, a student actress, says no. The jurors agree to her request to re-enact the crime right there. Props are brought in - including the actual murder weapon. The actress becomes the accused, the foreman takes the part of the murdered man. As the re-enactment proceeds, the verdict, the solution, and the climax all come together with an unexpected twist.


Foreman - dignified, gray-haired man, personable, calms situation
Man with glasses - jokester, sarcastic
First Old Lady - quick wit, likes to knit
Second Old Lady - sarcastic funny , likes knitting
Actress - lively, has mood swings, temperamental, interesting
Angry Man - known by his perpetual scowl, but sometimes shows a friendly side
Blonde Girl - vacuous, gum-chewing creature, doesn't really understand what is going on
Brunette Girl - dark brooding sort, deep into Astrology
Shy Girl - plain, retiring, almost invisible on the stage
Society Woman - haughty, obviously wealthy matron
Middle-aged Man - small, undistinguished, waiter
Young Man - bright, good-looking

There are large and small roles. This is the perfect play for those who are looking for a start in community theater.

For more info please contact:
Jim Katapodis
Cell: (714) 308-7376