Mission Statement of the Westminster Community Playhouse

The mission of Westminster Community Playhouse is to entertain, educate, and enrich the community through the theatre arts. Westminster Community Playhouse's vision is to promote theatre arts as an essential element in the cultural lives of those in our community. The Westminster Community Playhouse values our patrons and volunteers. We strongly believe in: Communication, Diversity, Education, Integrity, Quality, Respect, Responsibility and Teamwork.

The 2016-2017 (volunteer) board consists of the following individuals:

Name Title Email address
Jeff June President JeffJune
Michael Crumley Vice President MichaelCrumley
Brooks-Anne Crumley Secretary Brooks-AnneCrumley
Jim Katapodis Treasurer JamesKatapodis
Lee Dorman Member LeeDorman
Christina Crumley Member ChristinaCrumley
Vivian Katapodis Member VivianKatapodis
Tom Mynar Member TomMynar
Tayler Franklin* Member* TaylerFranklin
vacant Member
Vacant Member
Vacant Member

To send an email to the Entire Board of Directors, please use TheBoard@WCPStage.com .

Recent Events:

If you are interested in helping the theater, we have several openings on sub-committees which anyone may volunteer for, please contact any one of the existing board members for details.

The 2016-2017 season ticket flyer is also available in the lobby.

* Our newest board members as of June 25, 2016.
The Executive Board was selected on July 6, 2016.